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Portable ceramic passive amplifier for iPhone.
The shape is designed to amplify and optimize sound output at its best.
After the success of Megaphone, en&is design focuses on Megaphonemini. The intention is to create a small and compact object that amplifies the sound with the same
Megaphone acoustics, which can be placed in any house corner and can be easily moved. Megaphonemini can be safely carried in your bag or backpack, ideal for listening to music at park during a picnic or at the beach while tanning, without any electrical supply.
The project starts from a reflection on the use of technology, requirement almost essential today in many objects surrounding us.
The technology is now inside everything, energy is consumed to produce objects, to make them operate as well as to dismiss them right soon after. With Megaphonemini we wanted to create an absolutely low-tech product which let us reflect on the importance of things, and on the potential value carried by everything which that surrounds us.
This is in sharp contrast with the technological object for excellence, the mobile phone, widely used and sometimes a status symbol – as iPhone.
To emphasize this “return to roots” we choose a traditional material from the ancient working era, ceramic. It is a glass material that enhances the transmission of sound.
So man goes back to the discovering of reality surrounding him, begins to deeply study what he has got in order to make the most of it, and smiles in front of a “magic” result. Let’s say “magic” since, as soon as iPhone is placed on top of Megaphonemini, the effect it generates is truly amazing. We are no longer used to magic of nature, nor magic of simplicity.
Megaphonemini wants to draw a smile of astonishment to people – and to make them think about the value of what they have.

Compatibile con iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPod Touch (dalla seconda generazione in poi) con custodia.

Comming soon

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